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Cueva de la Luz + Journey into the soul + Transformational Reading

The way to rediscover your true mind-body well-being is difficult if you don’t immerse yourself in total isolation, surrounded by a dance of lights and sound waves that accompany you to an encounter with your true deep Self.

The combined path Cueva de la Luz, Journey into the Soul and Transformational Reading allows you to explore every corner of your inner cosmos, to solve and eliminate ancestral knots that otherwise would never leave your emotional home and, also, to recalibrate the energies of your own  organism and give you a new life, more authentic and genuine than ever.

The transformational reading

We are so used to considering our life a timeline where events follow one another and simply happen and over which we have no power, we have resigned ourselves to feeling victims, almost spectators. 

We have put aside passions, talents and desires. 

The transformational reading allows you to change your perspective: life is no longer static but represents a set of senses, motives and morals to be assimilated, learned and internalized to better face the present and the future.

Cueva de la Luz allows you to experience a different perspective of reading life, a new possibility: a transformation, in fact.

The reading of a time no longer an end in itself, linear but circular in which the soul is able to travel, transforming and evolving through the events of life. Events that you will become able to call, to attract and understand. Events from which to draw lessons and meanings along this path that is carried forward called life.

The tools that the  transformational reading uses to connect you on a higher level with your soul to allow you to decode reality are ancient and have deep roots in schismatic and spiritual cultures. 

The tarot cards, the pendulum, the runes will show you a language that you will immediately understand  because it communicates directly with your deep Self. 

You will work on your emotional blocks and psychic knots that keep your energies imprisoned and you will learn to overcome your barriers in order to dissolve any impediments to well-being.

The transformational reading takes place in a protected and energetically purified environment. You will be guided along the route by a specialized operator in a condition of absolute peace and relaxation. 

You will look at your life together with a new look that will allow you to clarify all doubts and answer the questions of the deepest meaning of the events of your past days.

This treatment allows you to access the layers of consciousness and intuitive knowledge that are otherwise protected by the barriers that the mind creates with logical thinking. 

In this way you can connect directly to that infinite store of our inner resources, to intuitive abilities and open – in this way, the doors of the mind and allow the energies to flow freely again. 

Your primordial abilities will finally be released and you will be able to enjoy your full potential. 

The divination cards of Marie Anne Le Normand, the traditional tarot cards painted by Calo Piterà and the oracles of the Transformation by Doreen Virtue no longer make you spy through the keyhole of life but open the Gates of infinity on all that you really are: pure energy that vibrates, flows freely and circulates like a summer perfume. In short, you will leave your old life in a corner like a worn blanket and you will embrace intuition, genuineness and truth and you will untie the knots that bind you to your old existence by learning to run barefoot among your potentialities without any kind of block. 

Reach out to your new life and learn to read life through the new perspective that the Method is offering you.

The Cueva de la Luz Cabin and the journey of the Soul

The energies will return to flow like a summer breeze, stimulated by the pampering for the soul that the Cueva de la Luz Cabin gives you and its combination with the Viaje en el Alma path.   

You will be able to enjoy a journey towards serenity without having to move but leaving your soul free to flow towards infinity thanks to the vibrations of the lights and the synchronic power of sound waves at 432 Hz. As in a distant memory, you will be immersed in a totally sanitized and peaceful environment that will isolate you from the world and stimulate your pineal gland to open like a flower in the sun. Slowly, the loneliness that you will experience within the Cabin combined with the power of guided meditation will lead you to encounter your inner light, your deep Self. 

You will experience a journey – that of the soul, which will help you to dissolve one by one the chains that bind your pineal gland and relegate it to a secondary role in a life where, instead, it would help you to shine with a unique brilliance. The repression of the functions of the pineal gland reduces your potential and its truest expression. With the Cueva de la Luz and Viaje en el Alma method you can access states of well-being and awareness never experienced before. Like the sun in autumn, like a mother’s caress, let your soul travel lightly and rejoin its energies which, free, can help you restore the health of body and mind, preventing and treating your state of discomfort. and the knots that hold your soul in place. 

You will learn to listen to the vibrations of your soul as the blocked chakras will be released and allow the energies to flow and restore their balance with the universe. Furthermore, you will experience a real sensation of awakening and awareness never experienced before or almost. Because, remember, we are light. We just have to remember to shine. Well, this combined treatment is a memorandum. Do not miss the opportunity to reread it.

Experience a pleasant treatment, to be lived for you and only for you, in total isolation in a crystal cabin where, with your clothes on, you can lie down on a comfortable bed and explore the infinite beauty of the universe, of your inner cosmos and all the wonders that this life can offer you.

The beauty of the simplicity and power of the three combined treatments is unique. The transformational reading, the journey into the soul and Cueva de la Luz manage to combine the best of the Method and to enclose the path towards well-being and mindfulness in a unicum. In two and a half hours of treatments for mind, soul and body you will be able to recover all the pieces of life that you left as crumbs along the way and regain your here and now, projecting yourself into a wonderful future.

The light that the Cueva de la Luz path, Viaje en el Alma and the transformational reading give cannot reach anywhere else. It’s a glitter that belongs to you. The choice to catch the glow of a new life is only  yours.

You will be guided in looking at your life with new eyes, full of true light. And it will be amazing. That's a promise.

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