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Cueva de la Luz + Journey into the Soul

Imagine being immersed in a place of peace and quiet, completely isolated from the world and everything that can hurt you. Well, now keep dreaming of seeing lights dancing between your lashes and wonderful sounds that lead you on the road to meet your deep Self. And, again, try to wish for the moment when you hold out your hand and you will immediately savour the true well-being that your body and soul had met and forgotten due to the hectic life we lead.

Here is the real wonder that we offer you: a path that allows you to embrace that sense of communion with the universe that you have let go among the folds of the day, of the commitments, of the daily affairs and of the ugliness of life. Let the Journey into the soul path combined with the power of the Cueva de la Luz®cabin treatment take you back home, to the serenity, to the sweetness of the primordial cradle of the mind-body well-being.

What is Viaje en el Alma and what is Cueva de la Luz?

The Viaje en el Alma path is carried out in the Cueva de la Luz® treatment cabin by a Luxtherapy operator and is a bioenergetic treatment for rebalancing the activation of the pineal gland. Completely isolated inside the Cueva de la Luz cabin, you will begin – through the methodology of the innovative Viaje en el Alma path, to work on your emotional and physical knots to meet true well-being, to be flooded by the light and sounds that – acting on the electromagnetic field of the organism through a precise series of quantum mechanisms, they will repeat the energies at home, they will accommodate them and allow them to make you feel your best, like never before.

How Viaje en el Alma and Cueva de la Luz works

Specifically, after a preliminary diagnosis (called Diagnosis of the Soul) that allows you to introduce you to your personal path of rebirth, any dysfunctions of the energy centres or chakras are detected. The Luxtherapy operator will lead you in the middle of the path that best suits your needs. During a guided meditation specially designed for each of you, completely immersed in the waves of light and sound that the Cueva de la Luz system uses to restore our energies, the operator will guide you on an intense journey into the deepest part of our being. . The journey – which will be different each time, will lead you through different space-time passages, a highly rebalancing journey for our energies.

The journey of the soul is a pleasant and sweet event. A journey within which all our physical-emotional components will be re-centered. At the same time, blocks and ancient traumas can be recognized and removed. Our energetic spheres – of being, feeling, doing, loving, communicating, intuition and understanding, will be illuminated by the full light of our soul and will finally be able to shine with their own wisdom.

The aim of the combined treatment of Cueva de la Luz and Viaje en el Alma is to make the individual aware of the inner origin of the ailments suffered. The paths remove, at a deep level and in a non-invasive way, these ancestral knots that cause us pain. This then allows us to make our desires, talents and passions shine and express to their maximum in a renewed global well-being that involves mind, body and soul.

The journey that your soul makes within the path allows you to be reborn and to transform yourself into a constellation of authentic and genuine joy and beauty. You will immediately feel the effect of this wonderful pampering for your mind, body and soul system because the path that our treatment shows you leads you to find your balance, that meeting that your soul really desires. At the root of every malaise, in fact, there is only a light that wants to be awakened, recognized and listened to by those who possess it. 

We want to give you awareness, light and joy of living because your soul on the path is a manifestation of life and must shine with its own light like never before.

Give yourself a moment of health, prevention and true well-being for the body, mind and soul.

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