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The Cueva de la Luz® Method

The Cueva de la Luz® Method is a system that uses the benefits of massage and meditation and the synchronic power of vibration – of light, sound waves, crystals, to activate the correct functioning of the energy centers (or chakras) and the pineal gland.

Through the use of these different treatments and their wise combination it is possible to

  • naturally eliminate emotional blocks,  
  • awaken to a state of greater awareness,  
  • enhance one’s energy and psychophysical level,
  • feel in deep connection with ourselves and with our surroundings.  

And Cueva de la Luz is a method created to achieve a full bioenergetic rebalancing.

Cueva de la Luz is an approach to life

A real lifestyle that combines esoteric, scientific and spiritual knowledge and redefines them in one method, the Cueva de la Luz® Method .

Cueva de la Luz - Lux Therapy

The Method is the way to the most important meeting of your Life

Each person has the desire, conscious or not, to achieve a balance between soul and body, heart and reason. This means having the need to eliminate all fear and to embrace one’s most authentic Self. The Method allows you to fulfill this desire present throughout our existence. 

Cueva de la Luz is an itinerary to meet oneself, it is beauty that cures. The point of arrival of a self-healing path that is simple because simple is the flow of energy once understood.

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How the Cueva de la Luz® Method was born

Cueva de la Luz is the fruit of a change that began years ago. A book, a quote, a meeting, a Mentor. A sign, another text, a profound experience, a disappointment. Another Mentor, sign, encounter, experience and content. How many immense turns between the stars has the Universe made to pour into our hands and reach the heart to elaborate the Method?

The fields of competence that inspire the Method

Psychology of change, communication science and technique, massage therapy, music and music therapy, quantum physics, bioenergetics, chromotherapy, resonance science, principles of oriental medicines, quantum medicine, reiki, coaching, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, culture of beauty and anti-aging techniques , study of meditation, mindfulness, principles of shamanism, radiesthesia and cartomancy, advanced technologies and study of magnetic fields.

Gran Canaria and the Montañas Sagradas

The choice to live in Gran Canaria where, in 2019, Unesco recognizes the Montañas Sagradas as a World Heritage Site is only another sign. If such a sacred and unspoiled place was calling us, we could not  shy away from responding and embracing this new path. It led us to understand that there was a common thread to unite all the points of our studies.

The Montañas Sagradas are proof that in prehistoric times this area of the Atlantic Ocean was a place of study of light and other natural elements and their effects on people’s lives. 

Our studies start from afar: we were inspired by the studies (and the results) of Nikola Tesla and Alexander Owen, Carl Gustav Jung, David Hillman and Bohm, John Bell, Elisabeth Blackburn, Carolyn Miss, Carlos Castaneda and Alexander Jodorowski, as well as the Italians Paolo Fabio Marchesi and Emiliano Soldani.

All the recent studies on the functioning of the pineal gland were also motivating and surprising, allowing us to close the circle of our research.

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