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The Cueva de la Luz Team

Who we are

We believe that inner and outer beauty is a heritage that belongs to every human being since his conception.

Our mission is that each person, in his/her unity of Body and Soul, can experience and enjoy it completely, in total harmony with the world around him/her.

Energy and vibration are the point of contact that unites the disciplines that we make available, it is the meeting point between science and holistic culture, between body and soul, between external dimension and internal world. With different techniques, we simply provide the latest innovations in quantum physics and quantum medicine.

The energies that flow from the Universe to your every cell and to your etheric body do so through the light and love we use in treating your skin, soul and body through the multiple holistic therapies designed and cured in the most small detail from the Cueva de la Luz Team.

All our operators are qualified for the methodological application of Cueva de La Luz®.

Wellness professionals

The Cueva de la Luz team

The Cueva de la Luz team of operators is selected and qualified to offer you innovative treatments for energetic, emotional and physical self-healing. 
We are researchers, holistic therapists, masseurs, Reiki and Spiritual therapists of great experience and professionalism. 

Lisa Pingitore
Emotional Manager
Anna Guidetti
Voice and Image
Carla Sanna
Color Massage Therapist
Gabriele Petouchoff

History of an innovative therapy

Cueva de la Luz® is our method to finally feel good and at peace with ourselves and the world around us. A system of methods, studies and experience that will leave you breathless.

This is based on the most recent results of quantum medicine, quantum physics, the scientific theories of Lowen and Tesla combined with the principles of the most important oriental and Ayurvedic medicines that intersect with the most accredited holistic therapies. 

The set of studies, principles and methods of Cueva de la Luz are aimed at the complete bodily well-being of every human being.

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