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Transformational reading

Light is the path that we have forgotten we know how to walk barefoot, running. We are almost like lost children and we hardly know where the switch is placed to allow the light to make the rooms of our house, of our deepest self, shine again with meaning.

A much loved character from the Harry Potter saga reminds us that happiness can be found even in the darkest moments, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

And then here is that one of the clichés of life is to live it as a set of events that simply happen. We are passive spectators, we feel victims, imprisoned in a flat and dead end timeline. We live life as something that escapes us from our hands. We are projected into a future that does not take into account our desires, more or less deep.

Cueva de la Luz and the vision that transforms you

Cueva de la Luz allows you to enter a vital dimension that blooms like a flower, it gives you a different reading possibility. A reading of life that transforms you. The vision that the method offers you is to bring you to the centre of a circular time in which the soul is able to travel and transform itself. An evolution given by the events of life that can be attracted and understood in their sense of teaching and path. The events are no longer suffered by our deepest Self but are fully experienced, savored in a genuine way – for better or for worse.

The main shamanic and spiritual cultures provide us with a great universal lesson: it is possible to connect to a level of decoding of reality higher than what we are used to. This can happen if we learn to use tools of the highest and very full symbolic value such as tarot cards, runes, pendulum and other similar talismans. It is not about magic in the trivial sense (and, sometimes, derogatory of the term) but about the ability and the possibility to speak the language of energy, the grammar of vibrations and make sense of events. This energy – in particular, is the one that is not controlled by our mind and that is stemmed by the emotional blocks that affect our life so much. Through the use of evocative tools, we can overcome the defensive barriers created by our ego and look beyond the hedge, there, in the dark.

How transformational reading works

The transformational reading takes place in a protected and energetically purified environment. You will be guided along the route by a specialized operator in a condition of absolute peace and relaxation. 

You will have the opportunity to reexamine the continuum of your life in the light of a broader and more diverse vision. In this way you will be able to clarify all the doubts you have about the profound meaning of the experiences you have lived and are living. 

The symbolic tools used during the transformational reading allow, then, to access those layers of consciousness and intuitive knowledge that do not need logical thinking. These tools overcome the mental barriers that we impose on ourselves or that we have built over time and connect directly to that wonderful and infinite archive where all our forms of knowledge are kept. We talk about the world of ideas, the Akashic records, the self, transpersonal consciousness and other very important concepts.

The tarot

Tarot cards are a door to our inner world and the cosmos that we sometimes don’t even know. This tool allows us a deep access to our inner resources and intuitive abilities. Tarot cards open the doors to a profound connection with the energies that inhabit us and that move, free, around us in a dance of the hours and wonder that, if only we could observe carefully, we would discover indescribable.

The transformational reading

In the transformational reading, the divination cards of Marie Anne Le Normand are used, traditional tarots but in an exclusive version painted by Carlo Piterà that dance together with the oracles of the transformation of Doreen Virtue.

These tools will reveal to you what your emotional blocks are that prevent you from attracting into life what you really want.

Here you will feel the protagonist because the cards speak your language even if you do not know it: you will understand a language that integrates three different symbolic codes and it will be extremely clear and without shadow areas. Transformational reading will accompany you in an experience that will give you clarity and serenity.

You will feel welcomed, you will understand everything that will come out and you will be treated with seriousness and professionalism.

The light will enter your life and the darkness will disappear showing you life where there was no doubt before. Illuminating the aspects of our past experience with the beacon of the transformational reading, understanding the present dynamics and feeling ready to choose for your future immediately gives a feeling of serenity and clarity because light has entered your life. 

The transformational reading is a unique and extraordinarily complete method to try.

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