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Natural and complementary treatments

The holistic treatments are not all the same and Cueva de la Luz is the universal proof of this. Each approach is the result of studies, experience and professionalism. The Method and its paths are the answer you have been looking for a long time. 

All our treatments are totally natural and exploit the power of the vibrations of energy waves and massage to allow you to find that state of serenity and balance from which stress and everyday problems often take us away.

By treating the body-mind as a single subject, we are able to solve your most ancient emotional blocks, which are often the cause of very annoying joint and muscle pains and physical somatizations.

Each person is for us a unique and unrepeatable individual, and we try to understand the listening needs of his soul, which often asks for help through the symptoms of the body.

All our treatments have a single, important goal: to achieve the complete and integrated well-being of our whole being, which is made up of body, mind, soul and spirit.

Alternative treatments

Joint and muscle pain, stress and detachment with one’s true self can lead to physical and mental atrophy.

Refresh the energies of the body and mind by entering a new space-time dimension thanks to the holistic treatments in Maspalomas. Work with our experts to find the balance between your true self and the universe, resume speaking the language of the heart to reconnect with your soul, and thanks to theCueva de la Luz® method you will be able to experience a true own rebirth.

Our operators will guide you in a complete path made of alternative treatments, color massage, luxtherapy, chromotherapy and many other treatments and therapies that allow you to reach the finish line: the bioenergetic rebalancing and the activation of your pineal gland.

The alternative treatments of Cueva de la Luz are the only ones able to interpret the requests of your soul and your deep self, working on all planes of your electromagnetic field.

Benefits of alternative treatments

The benefits of holistic treatments are numerous and confirmed by many sources and results and are increasingly supported as precious complements of traditional medicine.
The advantages of holistic treatments are recognized: relaxation, general and specific well-being, stress reduction, energy increase and mood improvement. 

In particular, the Cueva de la Luz® treatment for the activation of the pineal gland and the energy rebalancing, in an automatic or customized version, takes place in a sophisticated crystal cabin and is a registered and unique treatment in the world. During this experience the person is guided into a state of Theta relaxation, during which his/her chakras are placed in balance and returned to their original frequency, during a journey of the Soul of great beauty and emotion, towards a more authentic one’s self.

Among the benefits of manual techniques associated with immersion in colours there are certainly relaxation and bioenergetic rebalancing combined with a complete physical and mental recovery.