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Blue Massage

The blue massage is performed on the face, neck, décolleté and arms.

After a short preparation of the skin with high quality products, a massage is carried out for their absorption, and the amethyst stone roller is used (oxygenating and toning the skin), simultaneously with the blue light chromotherapy, which is particularly effective for reactivating circulation. This procedure helps to improve the appearance of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and arms, freeing the upper part of the trapezium from tension.

It has a lymphatic drainage, firming, anti-aging, soothing and relaxing action. In this way the face appears (and is actually) brighter, rested, fresh and young. 

The facial massage with stretching and lifting movements of the skin, stimulates microcirculation and activates the cells that produce collagen and elastin, giving the skin a healthier, more invigorated appearance.

Benefits of the Blue Massage

The facial massage is one of the treatments that brings clear benefits to the face for its anti-wrinkle, firming and relaxing properties. 

The treatment is also useful for making the skin more toned, luminous and smooth, thanks to the use of exclusive products, designed to guarantee evident results with a lifting effect.

The benefits of the facial massage through the stimulation of the facial muscles, increases the elasticity of the skin and improves circulation, it is the ideal treatment for skin rejuvenation. 

Furthermore, the Blue Massage does a lot more: 

  • tones the face muscles.
  • gives elasticity to the skin of the face, improving its appearance making it more toned and luminous.
  • eliminates dead cells making the skin softer, smoother and firmer.
  • stimulates blood circulation and allows to activate fibroblasts, which in turn increase the production of collagen and elastin.
  • gives a more relaxed appearance and reduces unsightly expression lines.
  • has a draining effect that eliminates swelling of the face.
  • relieves facial pain and tension caused by incorrect positions or due to strong daily stress.
  • gives a sensation of complete relaxation of the body

The Blue Colour Chromotherapy

The Blue Massage, based on the methodological architecture of Cueva de La Luz, exploits the chromatic vibrations of the blue light spectrum and combines them with the benefits of the facial massage.

The movements of the manipulation enter into total communion with the positivity of the blue colour, used in the vibrations of light in this treatment. This shade of the light spectrum has deep and rooted meanings in universal vibrations – this energy source ties in to calm, intensity and depth. It is mainly linked to the leitmotif of emotional rebalancing. 

Blue is a colour that gives inner peace, contentment and quietness. From a physical point of view, the blue colour slows down the heart rate and breathing and lowers blood circulation.

It relaxes the nervous system, relieves anxiety and is useful for treating hyperemotivity, eczema, psoriasis and urticaria. It also performs beneficial actions on the thyroid, on the throat and neck area.

Throat chakra

The Blue Massage combines the effects of facial massage and blue light chromotherapy and works, in practice, on the throat chakra. 

The throat chakra, located at the base of the throat, in the area of the larynx, and is also connected to the ears and neck. The fifth chakra, is the centre of sound and word, is therefore the chakra of communication, which allows you to express thoughts and your interiority. It is therefore the energy centre where each of us has the ability to communicate and create authentic relationships. It is also in charge of the ability to listen.

The throat chakra is connected to all forms of communication and expression that are able to bring out something that is inside and that is carried out with the will to express something. This is why the throat chakra has a decisive influence on creativity.

When this chakra is blocked, chronic throat infections, stress, hypothyroidism, cervical and hearing problems can occur on the physical level. On the psychological and emotional level, on the other hand, there is great difficulty in communicating, in expressing oneself, but also in listening to others and relating. There is a tendency to escape social contact, to develop a deep distrust of others and to develop a low self-esteem in one’s own potential.

When the fifth chakra is open, however, you can go back to saying: “I COMMUNICATE”. The creative side and social relationships benefit above all. The balance of the voice chakra gives a sweet voice, all the stress present in the organism is eliminated and we tend to be more open to the communicative relationship, free from any negative energy and any prejudice.

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