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Multicolor chakra massage with crystals

The crystal massage combined with chromotherapy brings together two very different worlds but with a common purpose: to make you find inner and outer well-being and rebalance your energies that, blocked by stress and unresolved emotional knots, will travel fluid once freed

Few, in fact, know that the beneficial effects of lights and stones work for the activation of the same principle: vibration. 

The crystals are in fact “alive” and inside them the molecules vibrate continuously releasing energy which, in contact with our molecules, tends to heal them. Similarly, the energies of the light waves vibrate and release their essence in contact with our skin, our electromagnetic field and our optic nerve, directly connected to the pineal gland.

Immersing yourself in the polychromy of the crystals and their colored reflections will change your perception of life. The colours and their powers, filtered by the purity and wisdom of the crystals will uplift your spirit and restore your body to accompany you to the door of harmony and wonder. 

The crystal therapy combined with the magic of chromotherapy helps to restore that subtle balance of energies that balance in an eternal game of subtractions and additions between the psyche and the body. The crystals and colours come together in a dance of well-being that heals with colour and gives the magic of what you daydream as children: meet the deepest part of you. Precisely for this powerful influence on our deepest and sometimes asleep energy, colours and crystals have the power to awaken our Self and the perception we have of it, the relationship we weave with the outside world and the relationships that pass between our heart and that of those we love, we value, we know.

A unique well-being that you can achieve with the immersion in chromotherapy and in the power of the magic of crystals and their beneficial properties. 

How does the massage with crystals and the use of light frequencies of colours work? The polychromatic massage with crystals exploits at most the ability to rebalance the energies of chromotherapy and the amplifying power of the stones. 

The massage with crystals and light frequencies has ancient origins, ancestral roots like the stones of ancient Greece, the first culture that used and developed this treatment of cleaning  the soul. Not only that, evidence of this practice can also be found in the meanders of the most ancient Egyptian medicine and – again, in Ayurvedic medicine. There are references also present in Tibetan culture and especially in shamanic practice. 

Crystals and luminous frequencies emit energy in its purest form and which allows, in its therapeutic use, to connect the soul to the universe around us. The human energy field comes into contact, through the vibrations of light, with the energy field of the crystals which release an energy capable of restoring that exhausted one of the body and mind. This creates a single vibrational energy field that allows you to naturally balance all the deep disharmonies that cause internal and external discomforts. For this reason, when you undergo the massage that stimulates chakras and energies through the intrinsic power of crystals and luminous vibrations we speak of rebalancing. The applied principle, in fact, is that of communicating vessels or – if we want to understand it following the principles of Cueva de la Luz (and we want!), the balance of energies and the encounter with one’s true Self. 

The whole journey with the operators of Cueva de la Luz leads you to the encounter with your crystals. You will have exactly what your Being needs most at the exact moment of your life when you will know the Method. This will completely regenerate you. 

For this reason, the massage on the whole body, immersed in the lights of the chakras, will be strengthened by the application of quartz that will restore all your balance thanks to the power of its vibrations.

Advantages of our crystal massage

The multicolor chakra massage with crystal therapy has immediate and long-term benefits. It immediately eliminates negative vibrations and recharges spiritual and body energy, giving positive sensations to those who undergo it. You are well immediately, immediately feeling the universe that vibrates in your heart and, from there, connects you to the whole surrounding world with new serenity and wonder, never experienced.

What are the benefits of the multicolor chakra massage with crystals? A simple list is not enough to make you try all the goodness of the treatment, this is not undoubted but more. This treatment is liquid gold for the soul and body.

Among the many benefits of the chakra massage with crystals we find:

  • improved circulation
  • draining effect;
  • revitalization of the skin (gives light, helps healing, prevents the formation of stretch marks);
  • stimulation of optimism and self-confidence;
  • improvement of the mental here and now and increase of the general sense of well-being of the organism;
  • improved functionality of the digestive system;
  • release of energy nodes;
  • attenuation of wrinkles and the problems that cause them (helps to relax body and mind).

What is gemmotherapy?

But what is gemmotherapy that we use in the method (and in particular in the multicolor chakra massage with crystals)? 

 Gemmotherapy is a natural medicine that uses the healing principles of gems (also called crystals). The massage with gems is a precious tool to take care of body, soul and energies to harmonize and balance vitality and universal fibre. Each crystal acts differently and interacts in an absolutely unique and unrepeatable way with the vibrations of light by going to work on the chakras. 

Gemmotherapy (or crystal therapy) helps to cure osteo-articular disorders, chronic and seasonal diseases, weight loss because it helps to find serenity and promotes relaxation of the body and mind. This ancient technique of natural medicine also has a regenerating, renewing and anti-aging action on the skin, body and person in general. 

Drawing on the forces of nature represents a method of rebalancing and recharging unique energies. The multicolor chakra massage with crystals is the best way to reappropriate your true self and embrace the universe.

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