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Multicolor chakra massage with meditation

Combining the beauty and intensity of guided meditation with the benefits of massage is a definitive solution for the body and soul . The multicolor chakra massage with meditation uses all the flavour of happiness that the multicoloured vibrations of light can give and gives the beauty of the encounter with one’s true self to those who undergo it.

The multicolor chakra massage with guided meditation has distant origins that are lost in human history. It has roots as deep as meditation and man’s first experiments with the enormous benefits of light and its rebalancing power applied to the energies of the soul and the universe. An instrument that, when vibrating, releases a healing power out of the ordinary. It crosses flesh, spirit and soul, reuniting the two furthest ends between the worlds: ourselves with the truest ego that has moved away from our heart due to the daily grind and our will to accept what we are not.

The multicolor chakra massage with guided meditation carried out using the Cueva de la Luz’s method uses all the energy of the mystical place that is represented by the South of Gran Canaria. Here a lot of light energy wanders waiting to flow in a path of beauty and wonder towards new horizons. The multicolor chackra massage with guided meditation realizes the destiny of these places: rebalancing the energies of the universe in order to guide as many souls to the encounter towards their truest self and to conceive, again, the language of their heart so as not to separate from it more.

The ancestral massage techniques awaken and release the chakras by exploiting the vibrations of the different colours of light by immersing the body and mind in chromotherapy. At the same time, the benefits of guided meditation– already illustrated above, favour the release from the chains of emotional blocks and free the flow of the soul.

The combination of chromotherapy, awakening of the chakras through massage and the power of guided meditation accompany the rebalancing of the inner energies and the most intimate contact with oneself.

Advantages of our chakra massage with guided meditation

Falling in love with the benefits of the chakra massage with guided meditation, assisted by the energetic power of the vibrations of light in all its colour spectrum, is simple. 

You feel good from the start. 

As soon as you enter the cabin you can already experience the beauty of light on the skin, relax in contact with the maneuvers of the massage treatment and guided meditation.

Among the numerous benefits of this combined treatment for soul, body and mind we find:

  • deep relaxation
  • rebalancing of sleep and resolution of disorders related to it;
  • feeling of serenity and deep relaxation;
  • greater confidence in solving problems and complex situations;
  • increased concentration even in situations of deep stress;
  • mood stability;
  • lowering of cortisol levels in the blood;
  • reduction of panic attacks and greater control over them;
  • deep contact with the true self;
  • increased emotional stability and resilience;
  • strengthened immune system
  • immediate and more relaxed improvement of interpersonal relationships.
  • anti-aging effect: one feels and immediately realizes that is

Benefits of mindfulness associated with massage

In short, there are many and many reasons why you can reach the south of Gran Canaria and work on your well-being with a multicolored chakra massage with guided meditation.

Mindfulness springs, in fact, from meditation. If we often lose focus, the feeling is that we are no longer connected with what we were doing, right? Here, the awareness that arises during the massage augmented by meditation becomes an intentional living one’s own life, that “living in colour” that we had lost, overshadowed by the grayness of daily heaviness, returns. We will take this feeling with us – if we repeat the experience as much as possible, all our life.

Among the benefits of mindfulness linked to the combination of massage and guided meditation we find:

  • maintaining a mental orientation aimed at positivity;
  • increase in rationality;
  • improvement of concentration, of intentionally living situations and, consequently, activities related to productivity and quality of the same;
  • greater control over one’s resilience against the negativity linked to generalized states of anxiety, depressive states and situations in which emotional knots are dominant.
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