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Red Massage

The draining leg massage immersed in red light is ideal for treating blood circulation. In particular, it gives relief to swollen legs and is carried out with ascending maneuvers of medium depth, which help the drainage of excess liquids.

Benefits of the Red Massage

The draining leg massage is useful against the water retention that causes cellulite and helps the venous return of the blood system

The benefits of the leg massage for lymphatic drainage are numerous, especially in cases of prolonged stress or particularly sedentary life:

  • activates the body’s immune defenses and metabolism
  • produces a natural pain-relieving effect
  • acts on the functions of the sympathetic nervous system
  • prevents edema and the formation of liquid accumulation
  • stimulates circulation and healing
  • eliminates waste inside the tissues.

Benefits of the Red Massage in pregnancy

The swollen leg massage immediately reduces volume, the sense of oppression and skin blemishes.

The drainage in pregnancy is especially recommended. This technique limits the stress that the mind and body are subjected to during the nine months before giving birth.

From the third month, in fact, it is possible to carry out the manipulation of the legs which corresponds to immediate benefits for mother and baby.

During pregnancy, hormonal changes cause swelling in the legs, weighing down the tissues. The leg massage allows lymphatic drainage without stressing too much the capillaries, which are very delicate in this period for women. The stimulation also allows to obtain a calming, decontracting and relaxing as well as toning and firming effect  for swollen legs due to pregnancy.

The Red Colour Chromotherapy

This therapeutic method exploits the chromatic vibrations of the red  light spectrum and combines them with the benefits of the draining leg  massage.

The rhythmic and deep movements of the manipulation enter into communion with the potentialities of the red colour. This, in fact, is the colour of life which  incorporates all the energetic power and nourishes the whole body. It is used to cure circulatory disorders and to stem situations of strong localized emotional and psychic stress. In particular, the states of depression, anxiety and melancholy – also typical of the effects of hormones on pregnant women – are effectively treated by following the indications that chromotherapy suggests as the owners of red.

Root Chakra

The root chakra is what the method involves during the draining leg massage with red light chromotherapy. 

When the Root chakra is blocked there are frequent manifestations of circulatory problems, edema and liquid accumulations – often in the legs. 

The root chakra (or first chakra) symbolizes our roots, the foundations on which we base our being. The method operates by working on the stimulation of the Base chakra which supports the spinal column. Precisely for this reason the draining massage is dedicated to soliciting the chakra which affects the vitality, the foundation and the support of our being in correspondence with the support of our body: the legs. 

The first chakra is responsible for giving the body and being stability and support. Through the vibrations of the red light and the force of the Earth element, the energy is conducted towards the adrenal glands which eliminate the excess toxins of which our lower limbs are saturated.

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