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Violet Massage

The total body relaxing massage with violet light chromotherapy is indicated to relieve fatigue and pain, remove stress and physical tension from the whole body and mind.

The relaxing massage gives a pleasant sensation of relief, eliminating the muscular and nervous stiffness that causes discomfort and pain, caused by states of stress and anxiety and stimulates the production of endorphins, improving the mood of those who receive it.

The massage is performed with slow rhythms and gentle, delicate and deep touches, aimed at promoting circulation and giving psychophysical balance.

Benefits of the Violet massage

The total body relaxing massage is suitable for relieving the tensions of the daily routine and regenerating. The treatment allows you to remove stress and anxiety of all kinds, reducing the muscular and nervous stiffness that generally acts on the neck, back, causing an annoying acute and chronic pain.

The benefits of the Violet Massage are innumerable:

  • reduces accumulated stress;
  • relaxes the muscles;
  • relieves tension;
  • gives a relaxing sensation throughout the body;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • boosts immunity
  • improves sleep quality
  • rebalances body and soul;
  • improves mood
  • reduces anxiety and stress.

The Violet Colour Chromotherapy

The Violet Massage takes advantage of the chromatic vibrations of the violet light spectrum and combines them with the benefits of the massage.

The energy and strength of the manipulations are well assimilated with the positive charge of the violet colour. In chromotherapy, violet is the colour of spiritual strength.

It is therefore the colour of meditation and calm that calms irritability. In fact, at a psychophysical level, it slows the heartbeat and slows down the impetuous and turbulent states, stimulating venous circulation.

It has a high energy charge and for this reason it also has effects in regulating appetite, relaxing the nerves, stimulating lymphatic circulation, optimizing the sodium-potassium ratio, fighting kidney and bladder disorders.

Forehead or third eye chakra

The Violet Massage focuses, then, in particular on the liberation of the forehead chakra. The third eye, located in the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows is essential for the total well-being of mind, body and soul. The sixth chakra is connected to all the organs in the area such as the eyes, the pituitary gland, the hormonal system and the central nervous system.

It is called the third eye chakra because ideas, imagination and intuition originate from its centre, together with intellectual abilities, memory and will.

Symbol of the sixth chakra is the light from which personal energy originates.

When the third eye chakra is blocked we feel vulnerable in our ability to correctly view things, we feel confused and fragile, often nervous and depressed. By unlocking this chakra we will be able to regain possession of our intuition and the “sixth sense” that allows us to understand clearly everything that happens to us, becoming co-creators of our existence.

The Violet Massage is based on the methodology developed by Cueva de la Luz. The path to total well-being and the harmonization of vital energies has never been so close.

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If you need to eliminate stress and physical tension, choose a total body relaxing massage with violet light chromotherapy.

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