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Lux Therapy

The Luxtherapy method created by Cueva de la Luz puts at the centre of everything the beneficial effects that light brings into the life of each of us as a source of all wonders. We speak of liquid happiness when we see the little dewdrops glistening in the morning light. Here, this is the effect that this method brings to your life: it will ensure you brilliant joy and scattered serenity.
And they are not just words but technique, study and experience. 

What is Lux Therapy?

Lux Therapy is the first certified method that brings together ancient wisdom of holistic medicine (based on the balance of the chakras) and the most innovative and recent discoveries of quantum physics.
This method acts on the overall well-being of the body through a total immersion of the colours of the light inside our crystal cabin. 

How does it work?

The treatment provides that the vibrational power of the light waves, in which the individual is immersed (inside the crystal cabin), is enhanced by the vibrational benefits of the sound waves associated with them.

The person is accompanied to the cabin, completely isolated and sanitized, to be literally immersed in the music at 432 Hz.

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Body mind re-balance
Suitable for ages 6+
It has an anti-aging effect
Reduces daily stress

Choose the Lux Therapy route you prefer

Cueva de la Luz + Journey into the soul + Transformational Reading
35 + 60 + 60 min
  • The combined path Cueva de la Luz, Journey into the Soul and Transformational Reading allows you to explore every corner of your inner cosmos, to solve and eliminate ancestral knots that otherwise would never leave your emotional home and, again, to recalibrate the energies of your own organism and give you a new life, more authentic and genuine than ever.
Cueva de la Luz + Journey into the Soul
35 + 60 min
  • The Viaje en el Alma path is carried out in the Cueva de la Luz® treatment cabin by a Luxtherapy operator and is a bioenergetic treatment for rebalancing the activation of the pineal gland.
Cueva de la Luz without operator
35 min
  • The Cueva de la Luz treatment is unique in its kind because it deals with rebalancing the energies of the individual and activating all the functions of the most important gland in our body, the pineal gland.