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Shiatsu massage

If you are wondering where you can undergo a shiatsu massage in the south of Gran Canaria, Cueva de la Luz is your illuminating answer. The universe has really funny ways, sometimes, to take us exactly where we should be. The shiatsu massage is one of the most traditional in the art of treatments for the rebalancing between body and soul. The reworking of the right weight of the chakras with this treatment simplifies and reduces complexity. That’s why being pampered for a shiatsu massage in the south of Gran Canaria will lead your being towards new levels of well-being.

What is the shiatsu massage and what are its benefits?

The Shiatsu massage owes its origin to ancient Japan. It is one of the most effective and accurate oriental and holistic massages, as it acts not only in resolving the localized state of malaise but also on the well-being of the psychophysical unity of those who undergo it.

Specifically, if we had to define what a shiatsu massage is we could say with certainty that it is a massage made of pressure performed only with the operator’s body, with the palms of the hands, fingers and knuckles, elbows, knees and feet. The goal is to unlock and rebalance the internal energy that can be blocked in some points of the body and consequently in the emotional sphere. From an etymological point of view, in fact atsu means pressure. The pressure acts as the forerunner pressure for the circulation of energies that will restore the natural energy balancing that regulates the balance of the individual psycho-physical well-being of each human being.

The benefits of the Shiatsu massage

The benefits of the shiatsu massage are innumerable, as it acts on all parts of the body, primarily guaranteeing the psychological well-being, which arises in stressful situations.

Among the most evident manifestations of well-being deriving from the shiatsu massage we find:

  • Stress and nervousness: technique used to relax the nervous system;
  • Cervical: a cure-all for cervical pains, which in the long run cause bad postures, tension and other similar states;
  • Headache: helps relieve migraines;
  • Insomnia: the shiatsu massage is also able to intervene on sleep disturbances;
  • Digestive problems: for digestive problems, shiatsu could be an effective remedy;
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Weak immune system: shiatsu helps strengthen your immune system, you can see these benefits after several sessions;
  • Slowed blood or lymphatic circulation: shiatsu can improve blood circulation, thanks to its typical pressures and strains;
  • Improvement of concentration;
  • Slowed aging process;
  • Improvement in social relations;
  • Helps to alleviate the consequences of various types of trauma;
  • Improvement of one’s posture.

Ultimately, we could say that the shiatsu massage is a complete remedy in all respects, where there is no limit of treatments precisely because it has no contraindications.

The benefits of the shiatsu massage are natural because the treatment stimulates the individual’s energy through a self-healing process. During the treatment, then, there is the total absence of pain.

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