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The Californian massage

Well-being passes through the body and mind care. The Californian massage in the south of Gran Canaria is a pampering that you can reserve to yourself without too many guilt feelings. Indeed, treating yourself to a pleasure trip to regenerate the balance of your being and restore the balance of the energies circulating between soul and the universe is almost a must. Cueva de la Luz can give you a total relaxation for your body-mind well-being, the unity of which soul, Being and body are composed. And it does so through the practice of treatments such as the Californian massage.

What is the Sensitive Californian Massage?

Let’s find out what the sensitive Californian massage is, starting from its history: around the seventies, in California, a holistic current developed that aims to achieve a spiritual and bodily rebalancing through the manipulation of the body. The Californian massage, in fact, allows you to recharge the batteries of the soul through the benefits that you can derive from the Californian treatment.

Also known as the Californian emotional massage or sensory or psychosomatic massage, this treatment allows you to leverage the tension nodes of the body to dissolve the emotional ones. A balance between mind and body. Really surprising, isn’t it?

This type of treatment is very particular: it combines the gift of general relaxation for body and mind along the path of harmony. At the same time, however, it is carried out with very delicate movements which – if done properly, allow you to get to the depths by dissolving the knots, tensions and contractures that are formed in the course of daily life due to stress, commitments and much more .

The Sensitive Californian massage, unlike other types of massage and holistic treatments, allows to establish a deep relationship between the operator and those who undergo it. The movements required by the Californian path, in fact, are focused precisely on embracing and enveloping the person to whom the massage is applied.

After understanding what the Californian massage is and how it is practiced let’s try to understand together what the benefits of the Californian massage are.

This treatment gives well-being and restores harmony to body and mind. Not only that, though. The list of its beneficial effects is well structured. Let’s see what they are:

  • increased self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • trust in others becomes greater;
  • excellent remedy against panic attacks;
  • promotes the elimination of toxins and alleviates digestive problems;
  • reduces muscle and skin tension;
  • brings back anxiety and tension when these have no pathological origin;
  • rebalances the nervous system helping the person to re-establish a contact between body and mind, to be – in short, more present to himself;
  • stimulates the otherwise dormant sensory abilities;
  • promotes muscle tone and weight loss by draining fluids;
  • stimulates the correct functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems;
  • eliminates dead cells and promotes cell turnover for the formation of new tissues;
  • stimulates the production of collagen and hair bulbs including those of the scalp;
  • it is an excellent ally against water retention and stagnation of liquids in adipose tissues.

The benefits of the Californian massage, however, are not limited only to the physical level. In fact, the regenerative and anti-aging properties of the treatment have been demonstrated because it reduces the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

The Californian massage, then, can also be combined with other types of treatments. An excellent combination is that resulting from the union of the benefits of this massage with essential oils or perfumed essences.

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Treating yourself to a Californian massage restores the delicate balance between body and soul.

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