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The connective tissue massage

 The connective tissue massage is a massage technique that allows a deep stimulation of the connective system and the different parts of the body. What it is, what benefits it has and how it can help us reconnect soul and universe. Let’s take a look together!

One of the best places in the world where it is possible to perform a connective tissue massage seems to be the South of Gran Canaria. The energy that vibrates in these lands is not equal to any other else across Europe. Regenerating the well-being of your body through a massage that stimulates the reconnection between the parts of the body and soul is a choice to make if you want to feel good in a new and lasting way.

What is a connective tissue massage?

To understand what a connective massage is, we need to take a step back and understand what it acts on, that is, the connective tissue. This is a renewable tissue that acts as a support, unites and protects all the other types of tissue existing in the body (or almost, an anatomy lesson would be needed to fully understand the very important function of the connective tissue).

Since the connective tissue – as we said, is renewable, it is possible to stimulate its regeneration through a particular type of massage which is precisely the connective one.

The connective tissue massage treats the subcutaneous connective tissue with the aim of stimulating its regeneration. The connective tissue, which takes care of keeping together and nourishing the other tissues of our body, is of fundamental importance and its state of health should concern us and worry us, inducing a greater care for this system that maintains us (in the literal sense) strong.

The technique that gives birth to the connective tissue massage was developed in the early 1930s. This treatment was able to reduce pain and increase the body temperature in order to stimulate the regeneration of the connective tissue and accelerate healing.

The connective tissue massage consists of slow and deep frictions. Palpations and rolling, the thrust of the tissues and the claw grip favour the stimulation of specific areas of the skin (dermatomes) which allow the reactivation of the tissue.

Why not take advantage of the connective tissue massage to feel good and recover lost energy, increasing your general well-being?

Advantages of the connective tissue massages

The benefits of the connective tissue massage are recognized by the scientific community and by those who undergo it. A complete list can facilitate your choice of undergoing this treatment.

Here are the improvements that the connective tissue massage can bring you in the immediate and long term:

  • reactivation of blood circulation;
  • elasticity and controlled relaxation of the tissues;
  • loosening of muscle tension by detaching muscle tissue;
  • increased muscle mobility;
  • improved posture
  • significant reduction of stress;
  • recovered skin elasticity and a reduction in fat pads;
  • reactivation of metabolic processes;
  • increase in collagen production.

The connective tissue massage is ideal for those who want to treat and improve even cellulite and imperfections, stretch marks and scars. Not only that, those who suffer from daily stress and those who play sports will surely benefit from the benefits of the connective tissue massage as analgesic and decontracting effects.

A connective tissue massage can be a truly unmissable opportunity for well-being. Are you ready to relax and regenerate?

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