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The Massage of the Five Continents

The massage of the Five Continents is defined as one of the best massage techniques in the world

What is the massage of the Five Continents?

What the massage of the five continents is,  is a question that anyone who hears about this treatment asks. It can be answered by defining it as a treatment for the balancing of energies to reconnect with the universe. It serves to relax, to reunite with the world, to revitalize the body, to detoxify the body. 

The massage of the five continents is made up of different phases that represent five different approaches to treatment. In fact, it combines techniques from different corners of the world: aromatherapy, magnetism and massages. 

The techniques used by the massage of the five continents are:

  • Shiatsu and Tuina, we work on the energy meridians to restore balance;
  • Lomi Lomi, where relaxation is ensured through the magic of wave movements;
  • Turkish massage, here strength, energy and dynamism give a boost of panache to the inner cosmos of each of us;
  • ayurvedic approach, the chakras are stimulated by working on the energy and marma points of the body. 

Combined together, these elements work up to a thousand times more than separate sessions of each individual treatment. Every single movement is filled with love and the universe channels its positive energies to those points where hands and heart intensify in order to attract them. 

The massage of the Five Continents: why do it?

Why undergo the massage of the five continents? Simple, to restore the body from physical and mental stress and relax. This treatment allows you to regain self-confidence, vitality, self-esteem, joie de vivre and inner peace. In particular, the massage of 5 continents allows us to harmonize the emotional charge that blocks our energies.

The combined massage of the potentialities coming from the 5 corners of the world uses preparations with sacred plants that give, in the different phases, different benefits.

From eucalyptus to lemon, from tea tree to lavender through cypress and ylang ylang. And these are just some of the sacred herbs used. The list is not exhaustive. 

The Benefits of the massage of the 5 continents

The massage of the 5 continents offers different benefits, depending on the phase we are talking about.

We start with a detox phase, we move on to relaxation (where letting go is a must) and a total revitalization. The massagge of the Five Continents also stimulates the immune system to do better for the well-being of body and soul. 

The massage of the 5 Continents, thanks to the combination of the Reiki method, the potential of magnetism and the other elements involved, is able to donate vital energy and make it circulate again in a healthy way in the body. 

The inner healing of a person depends on the universal energy that is channeled by Kundalini (life force). This is defined as biodynamic process and has the power to stimulate the natural power of self-healing by eliminating the clutter of psychic junk that we carry around as negative memories and old traumas. 

The most exciting benefit of the massage of the five continents is the elimination of toxins and the release of libido which gives a real return to life. 

Let the emotions fly lightly and let the vital energy flow again through the veins and the heart in a new and exciting way.

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The massage of the Five Continents is perfect for being reborn like a phoenix!

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