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The sports massage

Well-being for an athlete or for those who practice sports is everything. Sport helps to assist in the best way the well-being between body and mind. In the south of Gran Canaria, we help people to feel really good about themselves, also through the practice of sports massage, because it is the most important thing in the world. We want those who practice sports to obtain immediate benefits through the Method and, specifically, with the treatment of the sports massage.

What is the sports massage?

The sports massage is aimed at athletes who want to improve their performance, prevents injuries and helps keep the body in optimal condition. Not only that, the sports massage can also be reserved for those who practice sports continuously and amatorially. Sport knows no boundaries, like well-being!

The technique of sports massage is mainly used in contact sports or as preparation for the race or sports performance. The application of the sports massage changes depending on the type of sports activity that is practiced, of course. Through stimulation of the tissues, it will be possible to improve performance and facilitate intense muscle movements.

Athletes should be aware that the sports therapeutic massage must never be used to replace medical treatment but must always be performed only before sports, it is practiced in conjunction with stretching to mitigate the consequences due to hyper- lactic acid production caused by intense activity.

There are areas most affected by stress due to sports and which, for this reason, benefit most from the sports massage. These are tibia, patella, pubis, liver area, sternum, nipples, clavicle, Achilles tendon, vertebral column.

The operator’s task will be to pay as much attention as possible to the areas involved in the sports massage. Generally, in fact, it is a technique that requires a lot of caution during manipulation. One of the most frequently used manoeuvres is the Swedish one : firm and appropriate pressure is practiced, simultaneously exerting stretches of the fibres along their anatomical alignment.

Benefits of the sports massage

The benefits of the sports massage vary according to the level of performance, age, athletic commitment. What are the advantages of those who undergo this treatment in the south of Gran Canaria? Here are a few:

  • decrease in muscle pain and muscle stiffness;
  • reduction of the sensation of inflammation caused by muscular effort;
  • reduction of edema (muscle swelling);
  • relieving muscle sprains and muscle tension;
  • pressure drop at trigger points;
  • relief in case of repetitive strain injuries and tendinitis;
  • draining action of venous blood;
  • greater feeling of psychological alertness during sports performance;
  • increased blood flow;
  • stimulation of the nervous system.

Who can undergo the sports massage?

All athletes and not can undergo the sports massage since there are no particular contraindications. The operator’s competence is, in this case, particularly focused on human physiology and anatomy to be able to get in tune with those who undergo the treatment.

The Sports massage: the help of essential oils and herbs

When performing a sports massage, the use of essential oils and refreshing creams is useful and the body benefits immediately.

What are the most used oils and refreshing creams during the sports massage? Definitely those based on menthol, based on rosemary, benzoin, mint, lavender, pine and arnica. Their effect will be completely neutral and refreshing.

Depending on the moment, you can opt for different types of options:

  • Creams and oils for prolonged massages;
  • Creams and oils for quick massages;
  • Creams and oils for pre-race massages;
  • Creams and oils for post-race massages;

From the beneficial point of view, creams and oils: refresh and tone the areas subject to physical effort, creating a pleasant endorphin effect.

In short , the sports massage is a great way to recover well-being for the body and give serenity to the mind.

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