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Traditional Massages

The traditional massages are combined with the benefits of light vibrations to give you a body-mind well-being never experienced before. Treat yourself to a unique treatment immersed in a suggestive environment where traditional techniques are skilfully mixed with the innovative Cueva de la Luz method to regain your lost energy and untie the emotional knots that can upset your soul.

The traditional massages stimulate the well-being of the person according to the most ancient traditions of holistic medicine. This type of treatment works on the energy balance and harmony between mind, body and spirit. In this way, you can give peace and serenity to your deep Self and get away from the masks we wear every day to try to survive. 

The emotions, in this case, are led to manifest themselves openly by working on the combination of the more traditional massages with the benefits of chromotherapy. These treatments work globally on the psycho-physical health of the person because emotions, physical and emotional state are all connected in a single, inseparable embrace. 

What can be untied, however, is the emotional knot that blocks the emotion and causes the pain you feel. Undergoing one of our massages with chromotherapy will lead you to find the balance to recover the energies that were lost. 

Benefits of the traditional massages with chromotherapy

The light allows us to reconnect our soul to the sensations that we try to calm every day with more macaronic methods but which always leave us unsatisfied.

Chromotherapy coupled with traditional massages, then, also works on the corresponding areas of the body and improves their “existence”. An example is the violet light that revitalizes the skin and has an anti-aging effect or the green one that helps it to oxygenate better.

The traditional massages, fruits of different and equally different cultures and continents, are combined with the benefits of chromotherapy to create something unique for you and your well-being. Choose what you need to get better and let the universe do the rest. 

The benefits of the traditional massages with chromotherapy vary according to the colour that is combined with the treatment. 

  • The red colour is the signal that the universe sends us when we are “short of energy” and we need a real emotional recharge.
  • The orange colour will work on your lack of self-confidence and your openness to the world.  
  • The yellow colour, on the other hand, calls for the purification of the organism and our cosmic space from negative energies. 
  • The green colour, again, manifests the need of the organism and soul to receive positive energies.
  • The violet colour allows you to find inner peace and reconnects us with the world.
  • The blue colour manifests the need to be quiet and refocus.


Body mind re-balance
Suitable for ages 6+
It has an anti-aging effect
Reduces daily stress

Choose the massage you prefer

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
60 min
  • The lomi lomi (or Hawaiian) massage is a sacred treatment for the natives of the Hawaiian Islands who have passed it down for generations. This massage is performed with ointments and frictions all over the body.
Shiatsu Massage
60 min
  • The Shiatsu massage was born and spread in ancient Japan. It is one of the most effective and accurate oriental and holistic massages as it acts not only in the resolution of the localized state of malaise but also on the well-being of the psychophysical unit of those who undergo it.
Californian Massage
60 min
  • This treatment allows you to leverage the tension knots of the body to dissolve the emotional ones. A balance between mind and body. Really surprising, isn’t it?
Sports Massage
60 min
  • The sports massage is aimed at athletes who want to improve their performance, prevents injuries and helps keep the body in optimal condition. Not only that, the sports massage can also be reserved for those who practice sports continuously and amateurly.
Decontracting Massage
60 min
  • It’s a treatment that allows, through the manipulation of the affected areas, a relaxation of muscle contractures. In practice, it dissolves them.
Connective tissue Massage
60 min
  • The connective tissue massage is a massage technique that allows a deep stimulation of the connective system and the different parts of the body. It can be a truly unmissable opportunity for well-being.
Massage of the 5 continents
60 min
  • A treatment for the balancing of energies to reconnect with the universe. It serves to relax, to reunite with the world, to revitalize the body, to detoxify the body.