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Total Body Circulatory Massage with Green Light Chromotherapy

Green Massage

The total body circulatory massage with green light chromotherapy, particularly effective against circulatory problems, is ideal for improving blood flow , promoting venous return and oxygenation of cells.

The total body circulatory massage brings healthful effects to the whole organism as well as improvements from an aesthetic point of view. It acts on the system of  blood vessels, improving the circulatory flow. It optimizes the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and eliminates the waste that accumulates in the circulatory system.

Benefits of the Green Massage

Hormonal dysfunctions, poor nutrition and inadequate lifestyle habits contribute to the formation of cellulite; the circulatory massage, with the stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic system, is the ideal treatment to prevent such imperfections. Movements that follow blood circulation, starting from the centre of the chest (from the heart area) toward the outside, will produce a pleasant sensation of well-being and balance between body, mind and spirit.

The benefits of the total body circulatory massage have effects on the entire circulatory system.

Other benefits of the total body circulatory massage:

  • elimination of toxins
  • tissue regeneration
  • anti-stress action and deep relaxation

The Green Colour Chromotherapy

This therapeutic method exploits the chromatic vibrations of the green light spectrum and combines them with the benefits of the total body circulatory massage.

In chromotherapy the green colour symbolizes the colour of nature, of the plant world but also of hope, peace, calm, tranquillity and reflection. It spreads harmony and balance and it is therefore a good remedy to decongest and detoxify the organism.

The benefits of the green colour are applied to a general well-being of the organism. It has beneficial effects on the respiratory and nervous systems, spreading a strong feeling of calm. The advantages of the green colour are also obtained in case of respiratory difficulties, heart ailments and diseases, but also gastritis, hypertension, anxiety, stress, paranoia and nervousness.

Heart chakra

The heart chakra, located in the centre of the chest, at the heart, lungs, thymus gland and cardiac plexus.

It is the main chakra of the organism on which all the other chakras depend as it is considered the centre of the spirit and of all human emotions, especially love, joy and inner peace.

The energy of the heart chakra is associated with the green colour because it symbolizes the energy of love, harmony and balance.

When the heart chakra is blocked, a sense of diffidence develops in the person towards the neighbour, of paranoia, accompanied by a strong sense of indecision and fear, in particular in the relationship with the others from which it is feared to be hurt.
The respiratory system is particularly affected with considerable difficulty in breathing involving the lungs and the heart.

With the opening of the heart chakra, blood pressure values are restored through the stimulation of blood and arterial flow, promoting a correct oxygenation, the supply of nutrients and also facilitating the increase in total metabolism. Unlocking the heart chakra means nourishing the body, mind and heart with emotions.

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