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Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology in the south of Gran Canaria has its natural home in the most popular treatments of Cueva de la Luz. Give yourself  well-being and serenity starting from the base that supports our body, home of a very special map: the soles of the feet.

Put down roots in the magic of mental and physical bliss.

What is foot reflexology?

Reflexology is a technique as ancient as the world. If you are wondering what foot reflexology is the answer is simple: it is a massage technique performed on specific points of the foot with the aim of restoring the psychophysical balance of body and mind.

This technique is carried out with a series of slight close stimulations exercised mainly with the fingertip of the thumb. Proceeds on the area to be treated with a movement called “earthworm”. This holistic therapy  allows you to cure the person in all his/her entirety: yes body but also mind, spirit and energy. The secret of foot reflexology treatment is acupressure.

If we wanted to speak more concretely about the term, the definition of foot  reflexology tells of a technique of alternative, non-invasive medicine where the operator does not make a diagnosis, does not prescribe drugs and does not cure in the classic sense of the term. The experience and the study of the Method allow to transform a  professional in a guide for the new way of well-being. According to the symptoms that the person who undergoes the treatment manifests, it will be possible to perceive the strengths and weaknesses on the physical level first, then on the energy one.

Foot reflexology map

In foot reflexology it is essential to know the foot reflexology map. This was developed by the American doctor William Fitzgerald in 1913 and becomes a sort of self-guide for the operators to be able to carry out their treatments. Each school has created its own map, according to the discipline they are inspired by. In principle, however, they all agree on what the overall view of the foot should be.

In general, according to the philosophy that follows the reflexology treatment, under our feet there would be the source of physical and mental well-being. A real treasure on which our temple rests, the body. Massaging the right points along the map of the feet means changing the mood and states of mind of our soul.

The foot reflexology map  is a real mirror for knowing the state of mind and body. It reflects the build and character. A truly extraordinary tool to feel good.

Advantages of foot reflexology

There are over 40 advantages attributable to the practice of foot reflexology. Let’s find out the main benefits that this holistic technique practiced also in the south of Gran Canaria can bring to those who undergo it.

Here are the main advantages of foot reflexology:

  • Relaxation;
  • Purification;
  • Improvement of lymphatic and blood circulation;
  • Relief of pain;
  • Energy rebalancing;
  • Improvement of personal relationships with people;
  • Excessive sweating limitation;
  • Decreased states of nervous hunger;
  • Improvement of couple’s sexual activity.

Foot reflexology: who is the treatment for?

Everyone can get benefits from foot reflexology. Of course there are cases in which this treatment must be coupled with others provided by the Method to obtain satisfactory results.

Foot reflexology is recommended when there is evidence of excessive stress, lack of energy in the body, pregnancy or menstrual cycle, diabetes, circulatory problems in the feet, thyroid problems, epilepsy, thrombocytopenia, gout, vasculitis in the legs, fever, extensive mycosis, acute inflammation.

This treatment is also recommended for children who immediately obtain immediate benefits such as:

  • Improvement of digestion;
  • Stimulation of a balanced growth;
  • Enhancement of awareness of one’s body.

Why reflexology in the south of Gran Canaria?

It is advisable to carry out the foot reflexology treatment in the south of Gran Canaria because in order to obtain the best result for psycho-physical well-being, the massage must take place in a bright, well-ventilated environment, with a pleasant and sufficiently peaceful temperature.

Peace of mind during treatment, feeling comfortable and music therapy will do the rest.

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