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The decontracting massage

The decontracting massage is a treatment to enjoy in the wonderful setting of the South of Gran Canaria. Energy, rest and a long goodbye to muscle contractures.

Do you know those annoying pains due to the umpteenth muscle contracture? Maybe you play sports or train to lose weight or regain energy and, at some point, you get stuck. The decontracting massage that we practice here – in Cueva de la Luz, in the south of Gran Canaria, has something really special: in addition to relieving muscle contractures, it gives you something that other holistic and wellness centres cannot give you, the rebalancing and regenerating energy of light.

Yep, you read that right.

In every treatment we insert the necessary principles of the  method . In this way, each session will be regenerative for body, spirit and energy.

What is the decontracting massage?

If you are wondering what the decontracting massage is the answer is really simple: it is a treatment that allows, through the manipulation of the affected areas, a relaxation of muscle contractures. In practice, it dissolves them.

The decontracting or relaxing massage gives relief from muscle contractures that are formed due to an incorrect movement or following an effort that is not well calibrated.

The protocol followed by the operator who performs the massage involves pressure and muscle stretching. This serves to stimulate the tissues that dissolve the contracture created. Post-treatment soreness is normal, especially if it occurs in the affected area.

The decontracting massage, then, also prevents the risk of muscle pain resulting from contractures becoming chronic.

How does muscle contracture occur?

What causes the muscle contracture that then becomes chronic? The real culprit is a prolonged muscle tension and an excessive muscle traction to which the tissues are subjected during a wrong effort or movement. A pain that is really difficult to get rid of because it is distributed along the entire nerve to which the muscle is connected.

The decontracting massage, one of the best known because it is very useful, acts on negative tension, causing the muscle to relax. The excessive traction of the muscle tissues, in fact, prevents the muscle from relaxing in moments of effort but also when it comes to the most banal daily actions.

A small torture that is resolved with a few sessions, the number of which varies based on the intensity of the pain and the degree of tension to which the muscle is subjected.

This is achieved by massaging the affected part and encouraging the body to eliminate toxins thanks to the awakening of the nervous and muscular tissue that had dozed off from too much pain.

That’s why the decontracting massage also has a very relaxing effect. Almost as much as the nickname he earned: relaxing massage, in fact.

What are the benefits of the decontracting massage?

The benefits of the decontracting massage are many and all interesting for the psycho-physical well-being of the person.

Here is a full list of benefits for those undergoing this treatment:

  • in addition to having decontracting and relaxing effects on the whole body, the relaxing massage also has a detoxifying effect;
  • it particularly affects the well-being of the back, shoulders, neck and lower limbs. These areas are more prone to contractures and muscle tears;
  • the tissues involved in the treatment (and the surrounding areas) are less contracted, more relaxed and more oxygenated;
  • in addition to obtaining a particularly effective elimination of toxins, the improvement also concerns the liquids that are expelled faster;
  • the relief does not only affect the affected muscle but also other ailments such as headache, stress and nervousness;
  • improves the sleep cycle and its rhythm;
  • reduces excess appetite;
  • improves mood thanks to the increased production of endorphins;
  • reduction of inflammation, tension and improvement of breathing and body balance.

Now that you have a complete overview of what the decontracting (or relaxing) massage is and what its benefits are, are you ready to relax in the South of Gran Canaria?

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